Online Suicide Help

Can’t talk on the phone, and seeking alternative help for emotional crisis? Find digital health services including live crisis chat, SMS texting, email, peer support forums, social media, apps, videos, and more on our website dedicated to helping people find resources related to suicide and depression.

Depression and suicidal thoughts are often serious concerns — things you should not just ignore (even if you could). The good news is that relief and help are available. Treatment via psychotherapy and/or medications can be helpful, but so can community resources located in your town, city, county or province. Taking the first step is often the hardest. We know — we’ve been down that road too.

Our website offers links and descriptions (including hours available) of web and mobile suicide crisis online health and mental health services. (This site is not itself a crisis service, and doesn’t give counselling or psychotherapy here.)

If you’re thinking about suicide, please reach out, using technology you like to use.

There is hope.

Suicide… read this first. is dedicated to its late founder, Sandra Dawson.


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